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North Pole Notification: OK, thanks
Your jingle just got jangled
Santa recently sustained a Thighmaster injury
He vows to make “most” of his rounds Christmas night
Your mortal enemy just sent you a fruitcake
Michael Bublé actually hates the holidays
Dasher just left a present in Santa’s backyard
Your ham is burning
Seriously, go check it
Have you checked your ham yet?
Not burning? Our bad
Could’ve sworn we smelled burning ham
Mrs. Claus would like you to leave out carrots vs. cookies
A man in Kenosha just rented Christmas with the Kranks
We have alerted the authorities
No, it is not good
Blitzen just took his first selfie
Not sure how he pulled that off with hooves
He got so mad when we gave him Isotoners last year
Newsflash: It’s chilly at the North Pole
Your coworker has a bottle of whiskey in his desk
Tell him to share the stealth

Happy vs. Crappy Holidays

Tracking the world’s mood this holiday season

Today’s Sentiment: Neutral

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How does this thing work?

We're scouring Twitter for posts containing obvious holiday terms, from Chanukkah to Xmas. We then mine the opinions of those Tweets and tally the Happy ones and the Crappy ones.

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Happy Facts Crappy Facts
Happiest hour of the day: 11p Crappiest hour of the day: 10a
Most popular happy keyword: “ Most popular crappy keyword: “
Tweets with “presents” or “gifts”: Tweets with “grinch”:
Happiest emoticon: Crappiest emoticon:
Days until New Year's Day: Years until next Thanksgivukkuh: 77,798

The Coal Index

Believe it or not, sometimes people use Twitter to wish ill unto others. The Coal Index measures the total number of Tweets containing the exact phrase “lump of coal”.

Coal Index

Naughty or Nice?

We're gonna find out who's been naughty or nice. We'll start by counting up all the Holiday Tweets containing "naughty" and "nice".



The Pout Score

The Pout Score uses a proprietary methodology and some pretty obscure algorithms and stuff that we unfortunately can’t share with you at the moment.

Pout Score

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